Hi, I'm Ed Fothergill, welcome to my site.

At the moment it is "Work In Progress" but in the fullness of time it will no doubt be completed.

Life is full of choices, sometimes you make the right one, other times not.

How you use this web-site is also a matter of choice, the links below will lead you to what I have to offer .....


Business Services

Music Matters

If you are interested in my business services and/or the related business experience that I have, then go to  Business Services.

If you are interested in the Darlington Wheelers or the part music has played in my life then go to  Music Matters.

Past and present places where I've eaten and stayed are listed in Eats.

"Fings wot I wrote"

Tom Fothergill's Videos

Personal and Family

Contact information

My personal life is.....well, personal, but some aspects of my life and interests might help the reader to understand me a little better, written work needs to be read (not just by me) to be of real value. So, some examples of my writing are published here, hopefully for your enjoyment and maybe even inspiration. If you are interested in watching the videos that Tom Fothergill has created then links to these are here, and if you want to contact me personally you can do that too. Just try the appropriate teaser above.

If none of this interests you we should say good-bye and you can leave when you wish. Take care and ciao........

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